What Everyone Needs To Know About An Oven Cleaning Franchise Business.

Some Plain Talk About A Business That Often Gets Complicated. Watch This Video First.

Our Big Guarantee: We Will Guarantee Your Income to £2000 a Month for the First Three Months. So Earn £2000 a Month From Day One with OvenGleamers.® (Terms and Conditions Apply) - We are confident about this as we will put all your marketing in place to achieve this - see below.

Dear Potential OvenGleamers® Business Owner,

The three BIG things that make us different:

1. Dip Tank stays HOT ALL DAY: We have a professional oven cleaning system and equipment developed for you by the franchisor which is the fastest and easiest to use in the market place – with a plastic heated dip tank that stays “HOT ALL DAY”, meaning that you can either do more jobs in a day, making more money, or finish early and get home.

Other systems mean that you are dependent on the performance of the dip tank.  Gas heated tanks mean that you have to to wait until it heats up at each and every job throughout the day. 

You also need to be very aware of the possibility of toxic carbon monoxide fumes building up in your vehicle.   Alternative electric tanks go cold during the day and you still have to heat it up again at each clients job. Every small delay adds up to make a very LONG day.

With our system you’ll get the jobs done thoroughly but fast. So our system is FAST, SAFE and THOROUGH. By the way there is a secret to keeping the tank hot all day – I’ll share it when you come and see us! :-)

2. Bookings For You: Your clients calls are directed to our Booking Centre where they will be answered professionally and knowledgeably enabling an immediate quotation AND booking to be made. 

This means that you don’t have to worry about losing a job to your competitor or spending time managing your own bookings whilst trying to do your work. 

This is a unique service offered by OvenGleamers and ensures your clients are provided with a premium service in the oven cleaning sector. The bigger you grow the more valuable this service will be for you.

And of course when you go on holiday - you can switch off from your business knowing that bookings are being made whilst you relax.

3. Regular Ongoing Training: Your business growth is important to us and to help you with that OvenGleamers offer monthly online webinar training and quarterly one-day training days.  This is on top of open access to the Franchisor for operational and technical support and business growth mentoring.

This training compliments our existing systems and processes.  It will help you grow and develop your business. The regular training sessions ensure that you keep up to on speed on the sales & marketing and  technical aspects of the business. 

So you won’t have to go elsewhere and pay for additional business growth training that every business owner needs - OvenGleamers includes that service for you as an invaluable extra within your franchise package.

British Franchise Association:  OvenGleamers™ is proud to be an Associate Member of the British Franchise Association.  The Franchisors are active members of the Association and encourage the franchisees to become Franchisee Members too.

Award Winners:  OvenGleamers won the 2012 Business Wealth Fast Start Award - a major win for the company, having achieved more in a 6 month period than the other contenders had done in a year.  In 2013 Catherine Rogers won the Business Wealth F10 Mastermind award for Support Driver.

The Price of our Package is £16995 + VAT. Our franchise has been approved by the Big Banks and they may be in a postion to provide up to 70% in the way of funding.




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"Frequently Asked Questions"

What sort of oven cleaning dip tank do OvenGleamers™ use?
We use our own designed electrically heated plastic dip tank that just needs a charge once a day in the morning for one hour. It stays HOT ALL DAY
Can I use my own van?
No. We ask you to lease the Mercedes-Benz Citan C90i van, with two side doors and tailgate, the ideal layout for a professional oven cleaning van,  that we source from Mercedes at a special price. We consider this to be the perfect van for the professional oven cleaner and fits with our Premium Status.
What size area do I get? Is it big enough?
The area is 60,000 households and we consider this of a sufficient size for you to sustain a one or two van business.
What support do you provide?
We give you everything to launch your business and then ongoing mentoring and support, with monthly webinars, and quarterly training meet ups! We've been going since 2004 and have built up our own multi van business in Bristol. We have lots of experience in both
What is "Bookings For You"?
We take your calls, give out quotes and make appointments for you directly into your online schedule. You have immediate access to this on your provided Smart Phone.
How soon can I start?
It will take about four weeks to get everything ready to launch your business. But contact us as we can shorten this time if you need to get started soon!