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Lee Cole Newton Abbot First Year's Sales Equalled His Old Salary as a Waitrose Supermarket Manager. 
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Rated 'Excellent' From Genuine Customer Reviews
We’re the only oven cleaning franchise in the UK with an income guarantee. For the first three months we find our franchisees their customers for them. Not enquiries or leads,
real, paying customers. Our franchisees love us because of this. And if you want to we can go on doing this with our Done For You Customer Getting Service.

Expert training, marketing and equipment ready for your first day to give you the fastest start.

We take you with no experience and have you up to the required level to deliver the oven cleaning service in a couple of weeks. We give you the business training you need to start and grow your business.

Our Google certified marketing guys work in your business, for you, from day one. They set up proven successful marketing campaigns in your area. We use both traditional and online advertising. 

Your van is all set up ready to go from the end of your training with the best equipment in the industry. Our tank that stays hot all day saves you so much time and effort on each and every job.

Everything you need to start strong and hard is in place from day one.

So you could leave your current stressful life today and be up and running cleaning ovens with OvenGleamers in just a few weeks. You all trained up. All marketing in place. Your fully fitted OvenGleamers van on your drive.

Easy Booking For Your Customers.

Our central call centre will take your calls from your customers. We make it very easy for your customers to book with our 'One Call Does It All'. We answer the call, we give them a fully inclusive quote, which is the price they pay, and we book them in. 

Since we have been doing this since 2004 we have become experts at converting the call to an appointment.  Our call handlers are expert, friendly and efficient. 

This means your customers don't have to become frustrated waiting for someone to ring them back to give them a quote and an available date. 

We  get you work before your competitors have rung back with their quotes. So we out peform you local competition. 

Excellent Customer Service

We talk through our process with your customers giving the full details of how you work. What you do and how you do it.  Then we move on to the next stage...

All Paid For and In Your Diary

We'll take care of the complete booking. We make the appointment straight into your calendar, which you'll get instantly on your smart phone. 

We'll take payment from your customer and put it straight into your bank account. So you don't have to do anything. For example: No extra work for you to get back to the customer to give them a quote. So this means you run a cashless van and are safer driving around.

Fast, Safe, Thorough and Simplier.

Now we have the booking. All you have to do is to turn up to do the work and deliver what we have promised the customer. That is turn up on time and do a full strip down deep clean of their oven, range, AGA etc and amaze them!

Make them feel good and make yourself feel good. 

The work is demanding, but with our system you'll love doing it. 

Our unique insulated dip tank only needs heating up for an hour at the start of the day. This saves you lots of effort and time at each and every job. 

No heating up of solutions using naked flames in the street, or leaving these gas burners burning in vans parked on the side of the road. No scrubbing when you take things out of the tank. 

Our system means a far better way for you to work and deliver the service to your customers.
We're rated EXCELLENT on NEARBY NOW and with over One Thousand, Two Hundred Reviews we average 4.9 out of 5! Like these...
Turned my 5 year old cooker from being covered in burnt on carbon, (I've not been able to remove from all the glass and inside the ovens using conventional products) to literally 'like new' once again. I was initially cautious of the cost, I would now pay this again freely knowing what a comprehensive job is done. Even my wobbly handles and internal shelves were fixed! Can't recommend this enough if you oven is a 'bit of a state' like mine was. 10/10. 😊
Sam - Leeds
Paul Is A Magician
Brilliant service: Paul impressed me first of all by taking his shoes off -- even though I said he didn't have to. As far as the oven is concerned, I would have thought he had done magic on it if I hadn't seen how hard he worked using good old "Elbow grease". Definitely recommend!

Rita - Blackwater Hants
Very Professional and great job.
After watching Malcom cleaning our double oven in its entirety even inside the door fabric I would not hesitate to recommend the whole very reasonably priced process to anyone. This job could not be done by DIY it's really a factory strip down and refurbishment. Superb.

Thomas - Dunbartonshire
We’re rated “Excellent” by our customers on
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Graham Rogers

Home Cooking Is Very Popular

Every house has a cooker. We all need to eat, and TV Chefs and TV cooking programmes are very popular. Home cooking and baking is a new trend. People love to do their own cooking. 

But also people just hate having a 'thing' in their home that they just can't clean to perfection themselves . For a business to be successful there has to be high demand. Our premium services are certainly in high demand. 

Low Overheads

You don' t need to buy premises for this business. You can operate from home. You don't need to buy, or keep large amounts of stock. This helps to keep your costs low and means your profits margin is higher.

You can earn a good living with just you working in the business. Want to grow an empire? As we handle your calls, you can run a fleet of vans and not need any admin staff. We handle the bookings. Don't want to do the physical work? You can concentrate on doing local marketing and let your guys do the work.

As Tony, our Gravesend Franchisee, recently commented when he was snow bound at home: "When I owned two Subway shops, and the last time we had this much snow, I had to drive around picking up all my staff to get them into work to ensure we made enough money on that day to cover my high overheads. Now I'm sitting here with a fully diary, working from home and not worrying about having a day off."

Cash Flow is King.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business and the majority of your customers pay before their clean, meaning you operate a cashless business. Leaving your cash flow is super healthy. This means you don't have to wait to be paid. No thirty to ninety day wait to get paid like most businesses.

Repeat Customers

When we get a customer, we keep them. We return to do the job again meaning the customer becomes a customer for life. We have healthy repeat business. When we find a customer, we go back again and again. We've been cleaning for some customers regularly for over 14 years!

Different revenue streams

We are a big cooker cleaning specialist cleaning company: so our core business is: Oven cleaning, AGA cooker cleaning, and range cooker cleaning.

But we also offer: BBQ cleaning, fridge cleaning, washing machine cleaning, end of tenancy oven cleaning. 

We also carry out small renovation services on traditional range cookers. The more revenue streams you have, the more transactions per customer you can make, the larger your turnover, the bigger your potential profits.

Low risk

The number one reason businesses fail in the UK is due to a lack of paying customers. Because we guarantee your income for the first twelve weeks we take away that risk, the franchise is extremely low risk. 

We've been finding oven cleaning customers for over 14 years now and very good at it. We also pay for all of your marketing in the first three months. You don't pay us anything. Once we have  worked out the best way to generate customers in your area we let you use those systems to generate and grow your own local business. We carry supporting you with this.
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To make sure you understand exactly why people buy an OvenGleamers® Oven Cleaning Franchisee, watch this video and get it straight from the horse's mouth! Why do people buy the OvenGleamers franchise? ...
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We get asked all the time: "Why does OvenGleamers' system of delivery save me time every day and help me make more money?" Well this short video explains exactly how we do it.
This video shares our OvenGleamers® van set up.
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Our Purpose: To be the Nations Favourite AGA and Big Cooker Cleaning Company

Where it all started

Hi, I'm Graham Rogers, the founder and proud owner of OvenGleamers®. 

I started my business, after being made redundant from the Royal Air Force in 1996. At first the company was an IT consultancy business, but in 2002 there was a recession in the IT world.

I just couldn't get any work at all. I got into my mind that I was unemployable in regular permanent work. I felt I was 'on the scrap heap at 42'. I couldn't find anything to do. 

I started looking at businesses, and in particular franchises. I looked at fast food businesses but was put off by the amount of investment required. In the end I bought a cleaning agency franchise. 

I learnt about how to run a successful business and with the help of the franchisor built it fast.

The business was okay but really it wasn't the ideal business for me.  The day to day issues of cleaners being unreliable was difficult for me deal with. 

People kept asking me about oven cleaning and in 2004 I started  thinking about the possibilities of starting an oven/AGA cooker cleaning company. I'd be the grafter and I thought if I did the work I could make sure that things would be reliable and efficient.

It was a conversation that I had one day that made up my mind. The engineer who was servicing my AGA cooker told me about the fifteen vans his company had and how they were servicing 5 AGA cookers a day each. 

 "Wow" I thought. "There's a market out there for cleaning cookers!"...

One Man In One Van to Local Empire

I started with just me in one van. Shortly afterwards I met my wife Catherine. 

Catherine was flying in the Royal Air Force as a Navigator. She had extra time on her hands. Her plane didn't fly much! 

Catherine started helping me in the business, taking calls.

 Even though her plane didn't take off the business did:  growing to five vans in three years. Our business has developed with our friendly family values. 

The Google Advantage

I struggled at first with marketing. I put out leaflets but got little response. I wasn't getting any calls at all. Then I discovered Google Internet Advertising. It was really new in 2004 and no one was doing it. Over the years I have become an expert and it has grown, and still grows,  our own and our franchisees businesses.

Helping Others To Lift Off

I write a blog regularly and then  started helping other people to start and grow their oven cleaning businesses, helping them by training them. All over the world from Colorado in the USA to Pretoria in South Africa.  Then in 2010 we had our first franchisee start in Bracknell Berkshire. He became our pilot franchisee.

BFA Membership

He did everything we told him he had to do. And his business grew fast, he was soon had a full diary.  We applied and were accepted for British Franchise Association membership in 2012. 

This meant our business model was thoroughly checked out. The pilot franchisee was looked at. His accounts were checked to see if he had a viable business. 

Also our business plans, our training, our marketing and our franchise agreement all were up to the required standard to comply with BFA membership.

The future's sparkling, the future's Gleaming.

Our purpose is to become the nations favourite, friendly Big oven and AGA cleaning company. We're very early on in our journey but if we continue our success, we'll be there before we know it.
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“I felt very comfortable with Graham and Catherine, loved all what they stood for. With their friendly family company and got a good gut feeling. It’s great value, as long as you put the hard work in, you’ll make the money. The OvenGleamers Cleaning Franchise is awesome!”
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