How To Get A Happier Life Cleaning Ovens!

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Would you like to change your current life? To go from your current situation to a new one where you are in charge of your future, running a premium business in your local area?
Well we can help you to run your own successful domestic oven cleaning business using a proven system that we have developed since 2004. The same system that can give you sales of up to *£1500 a week on a consistent basis with just you working in one van in your local area? (*Sales of £240,000 for oven cleaning services were generated by OvenGleamers Bristol with three vans in 2016)

With our oven cleaning franchise opportunity we provide you with a FAST, SAFE, THOROUGH system. That saves you time on every job meaning a larger income for less work. This will give you the potential of a high income with low overheads. No experience is required, but attitude is.

OvenGleamers Oven Cleaning Franchise Opportunity:

The Four Things That Make Us Different:

1. Our Hot Dip Tank Stays Hot All Day

Our unique insulated electrically heated plastic dip tank stays HOT ALL DAY with one, one hour, charge up in the morning. Which saves you a huge amount of time on every job you do.

Our tank stays hot on one one hour charge in the morning. For an oven cleaning business you need a dip tank in the back of your van to make sure you can clean ovens, range cooker, extractors easily and fast.

This means no extra work or time phaffing around during the day. The tank stays at it's optimum temperature for the solution to work. You just put the oven stuff in, take it out, rinse it and dry it. It's perfect with no extra work. This means you have more time to fit more jobs into the day or you can go home earlier.

Our competitors use dip tanks heated up by gas burners, designed twenty years ago. These need to be kept at boiling temperature for them to work properly during the day. When they take things out of their tank they have to do an additional amount of scrubbing (sometimes up to another 30 minutes) to get the racks perfectly clean. This means lots of extra time and effort and a very LONG working day.

2. Easy Bookings For You: We take your calls for you at our call centre in Bristol.

Calls are taken for you by knowledgeable friendly staff who give out quotes, and make bookings straight into your online schedule. You will have immediate access them on your mobile Smart phone. 

We have created a new system that will increase the spend per customer in your business, bringing them back to get their ovens cleaned more often. Because we answer the phones we make it easy for our customers to book! We will beat the competition for the work as the customer will prefer to book in straight away rather than waiting for a call back which is the system ALL our competitors use. We market this to our potential clients as the: 'One Call Sorts It All', Easy Booking System: "You Call, we Quote, You Book!"

3. Ongoing support and training:

Both of the key people in the business are still involved at the sharp end of the business. Graham Rogers founded the business in 2004 with just him in one van.He gives technical support to franchisees. He also, using his expert internet marketing skills, provides internet marketing set up and ongoing management. His wife Catherine Rogers runs the operations of the business, managing their 5 van multi van business locally in Bristol.

She also provides advertising and business management support to the franchisees. She also runs regular monthly webinars for franchisees. OvenGleamers have quarterly training days, business training and technical training, at their training centre in Bristol. The OvenGleamers Academy website has all the Webinars from the past two years and training videos for difficult oven strip downs and cleans and oven cleaning tips, and also has an online forum where the franchisees can interact with each other.

Brief Overview Established in 2004 OvenGleamers deliver professional oven cleaning and specialist AGA cooker cleaning services and are still the largest oven cleaning company in South West England and are now growing with their national network. Safe, Fast, Thorough. Our system has been designed by the Franchisor to be safe for the franchisee, the customer, their pets and their family. We do the 'Full Monty Strip Down and Clean'; stripping down the oven completely to clean other parts our competitors don't do. Established and renown AGA cleaning specialists.

Business Opportunity Demand in home services is increasing at a rapid rate, especially even more so that the economy is now back on track. Oven Cleaning as a business opportunity is coming to the fore and it is a good time for you to become engaged in this exciting and fun business. You can run the business as a one man in a van operation or grow the business to a multi van business. We provide you with all our knowledge and expertise including our internet marketing skills to launch you with your own oven cleaning franchise in your area and get you to market FAST.

£6000 Income Guarantee

We Guarantee Your Business Income To £6000 in your first 3 months

Key OvenGleamers Franchise Benefits:

1.Income guarantee for first three months.

2. OvenGleamers are Associate Members of the British Franchise Association.

3. Launch of your business, free marketing in your area both online and offline including leaflet distribution by Royal Mail. Credibility and use of OvenGleamers trademark and market positioning.

4. Company brand and SAFE, FAST, THOROUGH, proven business system.

5.Potential of high income Large territory.

6. We can train you, no experience is required. But attitude is. 10 days training at our OvenGleamers Training School in Bristol with a complete start-up package including training, sales and business training.

7. Expert Professional set up and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of online marketing platforms: local website, page on main site, Facebook and GooglePlus Business Pages, Google Adwords Advertising set up and management,

8. filming and production of local marketing videos and then placement and optimisation on YouTube listing. OvenGleamers uniform provided (except trousers and shoes).

9. Mercedes Citan OvenGleamers branded van.

10. Unique plastic electrically heated oven cleaning dip tank and rear of vehicle wet area fit out.

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