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In This New Book Written By Founder and Franchisor Graham Rogers, You’ll Discover...
  • The nine key elements to escape the corporate rate race, start your local van empire and save yourself £1000's in the process...
  • The OG Formula Method™ Blueprint - proven step-by-step sequence for starting a business from ground zero… exactly what to do, to virtually GUARANTEE you’re ready to make your first sale fast… This’ll make you the envy of friends and family as they see how quickly you’ve managed to start a business - there's even the option to be up and running in only two weeks.
  • The “Be Your Own Boss” test - A simple question to ask yourself to that cuts your chances of failure down to almost ZERO.  
  • The REAL reason why having no experience is a good thing when starting a franchise business and how you can use it to your advantage to make sure YOU hit the road running.
  • Most people working for someone else are very good at running teams. In chapter four I’ll show you how to start a business that requires no other people in the business. You’ll finally be able to say goodbye to dealing with employees and HR headaches - for good.
  • Why most people from a corporate background shoot themselves in the foot when they start a franchise… Here’s the the crucial thing you should do if you want to get the perfect work life balance.
  • The deadly mistake too many people make when starting a franchise that all but guarantees that they end up working more than they do in the right now in the corporate world. (If you read just one thing in this book, make sure it’s this).
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