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New Franchisee To Start Training

We are all excited as we have a new franchisee starting in a couple of weeks as we need to do franchisee training. He is John Rorke and he will be covering the Wolverhampton and West Staffordshire area. So we are getting things in place. We run the training here in Bristol in our office and training suite. I generally do the training although sometimes I get assistance from the guys who work for us. Though this time I am planned in to do all of the franchisee training this time. But as it was just over a month ago that I did the last franchisee training I feel in the groove and able to deliver some excellent training.

With our training we spend the first day going through some important health and safety stuff, a quick overview of our cleaning process and then we go and have a look at a whole range of different cookers in a showroom down in Somerset, The Cooker Centre at Spillers of Chard. I’ve been taking franchisees there since we have been training them and it’s a quick way for them to appreciate the market that we are targeting, and the sort of cookers they are going to be cleaning. Everything from a single oven NEFF oven, to a Falcon Range, all the AGA cookers, to the largest Wolf (American style) range cooker. Also as the cookers are set in bespoke kitchens it shows the cookers in their best light, as it were, all gleaming and new. And we can look at the top range fridges and freezers, such as the Sub Zero Freezer that sells for £12,600. It must be a good one.

So currently it’s all systems go to get things ready for him. I have already started setting up his internet presence  and setting up his Google Advertising. I am also putting things in place for the delivery and conversion of his van which will be delivered to us by the end of his training so he can drive off in it. I am still working out whether to do the conversion differently as I have found a new way for us to line the back area in the van to improve it.


OvenGleamers AGM – OvenGleamers Academy – OvenGleamers GRACE Software

ovengleamers vanWe held this years AGM at our office in Pill on the first Saturday in January and used our training room at our office for the training! If you have been to see us this is the room that I have got set up as a film studio most of the time with a large green screen and lights all set up. When the lights are put away and the screen moved back we can put enough chairs to sit up to 25 franchisees, guests and some partners. We had a look at the room this year and we may be able to do one more AGM in our office before moving somewhere else as it is becoming a bit of squeeze, but we will see on how fast new franchisees join us this year.

The day went very well we started at 10.00 with my wife Catherine bringing everyone up to speed and introducing the new franchisees and talking through the year’s successes using promotions and advertising mediums.

One that stood out was one of our OvenGleamers franchisees did a promotion and got 56 bookings in two days! To appear at the event cost £120 and he was hoping to get at least 3 bookings, but it went crazy with people queueing to book and he booked all them all in. So a return of £5,000 for two days standing around. He did have a bit of a sales process in place. The van was there and he was able to talk through the way we do things, showing them the Mercedes van, the dip tank and rear wet area, and show them pictures of the results, and all this together, and of course being at the right place, at the right time, worked very well.

We had two guest speakers and we announced two things:

1. The introduction of our new Customer Service software GRACE™ which is going to revolutionise our business for both ourselves and all the franchisees. And we are looking to see the growth of both our own multi van business and each of the franchisees business this year is increased by the use of GRACE™ this year. GRACE has been developed for us by a local software company and was something we wanted to introduce to enhance the customer experience with OvenGleamers.

2. The introduction of my new OvenGleamers Academy™.

For this I have set up an exclusive website for franchisees and uploaded all the content that we have put together for the franchisees in one place, which includes the 22 one hour long training webinars we have done over the last two years for the franchisees. I have set up a franchisee forum on the site and also am in the process of making a full set of training videos for technical help, which will, I hope, be invaluable for the franchisees and help to prosper and grow.

Lunch was at the Indian Restaurant across opposite our office (if you have been listening to my podcast you may remember that this restaurant closed but has since reopened with new owners) which was fabulous.

In the afternoon we had a technical discussion and finished at about 4pm.

In the evening it was a Christmas ‘Do’ at the Walton Park Hotel in Clevedon which still had the tree up, with our employees and the franchisees. Walton Park gets better every year, they have had a refurbishment programme so everything looks a lot better there now, and I found a very good conference room with fantastic sea view aspect that will be an ideal location for future AGMs …


Laugh I Did Buy An Oven Cleaning Franchise

Just in case you haven’t seen my outtake video, here it is. For each of the videos so far I have tried to learn the script and then film it until I get it right, or most of the time until it is nearly right. Here I get the words mixed up and laugh a bit and then get back on track.

I have got a studio set up in my loft but I am still in the process of getting all the gear, after this video I bought some new lights so I can the filming right so hopefully we will be improving all the time, and I’ll be able to knock out the oven cleaning films for both myself and our franchise network.

If you like to come to one of our OvenGleamers Discovery Days click on the link.

Oven Cleaning Training Day Three

Oven Cleaning BusinessImage by Ivydale via Flickr

This was last week but I have now found time to write what we did in the day.

DAY 3 of Oven
Cleaning Training

Candidate Practical. A full clean of a Stoves standard double oven, hob and
extractor. I demonstrated the best way to clean thick grease off of a
standard extractor unit with wooden front to match the kitchen units. Show how to cut extractor filter paper to size, put the new paper in extractor properly and get the extractor clean by using right cleaning products. Then the candidate did this himself.

2. Demonstrated how to clean the stainless steel hob. Candidate then did this himself.

3.Hinges on this oven were the fixed type,and the inside was sprayed "self cleaning" sides and tops on both the grill and oven. I demonstrated how to remove the fan cover, how to clean this, how to clean the oven fan, how to remove the light covers, replace bulbs and the right way to clean the self cleaning sides. Candidate took parts out to van and put into the solution the right parts and later removed them using our the correct methods.

Lunch back at the office.

4. The afternoon job was cancelled but I booked in another range this time a Range master 90 and overhead extractor hood. Candidate did most of this job himself. I covered some of the things to look out for when cleaning these ranges and the Candidate cleaned the self cleaning sides correctly. Also I covered timings of a job of this size.

5. Cleaning of range master hood. I pointed out the things that had to be looked out for when cleaning this type of extractor hood. Candidate cleaned whole hood himself.

End of day.

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