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Oven Cleaning Franchise Training

Well a few weeks back I was thinking I haven’t been out cleaning for a while and then suddenly within a few days we get a crisis in our team. One of the men we employ injures himself in his garden, banging his knee and is off work and then another goes on a planned holiday. We need someone desperately to go out and do the jobs for people already booked in.

So I say okay, but I’ll do AGAs only! And so a very nice two weeks is spent cleaning AGAs. Then after that I’m back in the office. And then a couple of weeks after that I’m out training our franchisee – Neil of OvenGleamers Nottingham. We get the worlds dirtiest AGA which takes both of us working together 4 hours! Then a few weeks after that I’m out training our new franchisee for OvenGleamers Berkshire. We seem to get an unusually large amount of really dirty ovens, especially the large range cookers we clean. Phew! Lots of cleaning all compacted into a relatively short period.

Now after that I need a break, which luckily we had already arranged. So after  a short break in France for half term I’m back in the office catching up on things.

Looking at the calendar it’s going to fly by. It’s already November. Which seems crazy, where did the year go? The next month will fly by and then I’ll be out cleaning again if we are full. Which looking at the way the schedule is going we are going to be.


Oven Cleaning Companies Electric Screwdrivers Use

We had a franchisees training day last Saturday and one of the things that the franchisees brought up was the increasing number of jobs they had got to where the

Perfect Screwdriver set

Perfect Screwdriver set (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

panels in the oven have been tightened up too much, so much that they couldn’t get them off because the screws had been rounded off. I think the main reason if that some oven cleaning companies are using electric screwdrivers to tighten up the screws and over tightening them and doing so ruining the screws/nuts.

For us when we get to these it’s a case of pointing this out to the customer when we do our checks and apologising for being unable to do the full clean that we normally do.

This has been mainly on the NEFF, Bosch ovens where you need to use a T15 hex tool to get them off rather than using a screwdriver.

I learnt when I was in the RAF about how not to tighten up nuts when I over tightened a nut in the cockpit of a Sea Harrier Jump Jet. The nut overtightened and then head fell off, meaning a complete strip down of the cockpit to re tap and die the nut. So these days I check the screws are tight but don’t over do it.

We carry the T15 with a ratchet screwdriver. For me this is has always the most I have ever needed as they normally come off very easily and you just need to tighten them up so they are just tight.

Leisure Range Cooker Door not going back on properly

Anthony our OvenGleamers Franchisee in Cardiff has a great start and we helping him to build his business in Cardiff.

National museum Cardiff, front side

National museum Cardiff, front side (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He hasn’t had any big problems but he did have one when cleaning a Leisure range cooker:

I went across to help him last week as he was having  a problem getting  a door back onto the cooker. I talked through the problem one the phone with him but we weren’t getting any where. So  I thought I might as well just drive over and see if I could fix it as Cardiff isn’t that far for him. I was expecting to walk in and put the door on and then leave, but it really wasn’t that easy.

The door wouldn’t go back on. There was a problem with the locking clasp not lining up. So you put the door back into position getting the grooves on the door lined up and then to unlock the hinges you have to push the locking clasp back into position, but it wouldn’t go back in. I spent a while, about twenty minutes, trying to get it back on and then realised that the reason it wasn’t going back into position was that the metal plate into which the groove in the door fits was bent inwards. It wasn’t us who did this and from what I could see it would have been pretty difficult to bend it, so really I wasn’t sure what happened there.

This was the reason for the clasp not closing as it didn’t have room to close down. So in the end I filed the two clasps down a bit and they then closed. Problem solved. It’s the first time I’ve had this problem but something we need to look out for when cleaning these sort of range cookers.

On the same job Anthony had also made the mistake of unscrewing a side opening door from it’s bracket. The back plate on the bracket then fell inside the oven. In the end we had to get a repair company to come out and sort it. They came out on the same day and fitted.

Even though there were these couple of problems the customer was very happy with the clean.


Oven Cleaning Company Cardiff

Here is our new franchisee for Cardiff North, Anthony Sellick,  who will be providing a professional oven cleaning service in Cardiff.

Anthony has actually be a key person in a very large cleaning company in Cardiff and has extensive knowledge of the cleaning industry especially in Cardiff and surrounding area.

Here I have done my local marketing video slightly differently to how I have been doing them in the past.

I have re-written the script and added an offer, and done some more bits to optimise the listing in both YouTube and Google.

So it will be interesting to see if it will work better.