Oven Cleaning Franchise Package

Our Oven Cleaning Franchise Package for You

Hello it’s Graham Rogers the founder of OvenGleamers and here I’m going to go through the package we give you as a new franchisee when you start with us. I have developed this package with my wife Catherine since we started franchising in 2010. We have changed things from the kit we supplied in the van, to the length and content of the course, in small increments to ensure that you as a franchisee can be confident that your business start with us will be the best possible and the most up-to-date, from equipment to marketing, you will find in our industry.

I believe we have put the best package available to you as a new starter in the business because of the attention of detail that we have gone through to make it right for you. We give you everything you need to start, from all the tools you need to the best equipped van.

Is the OvenGleamers Franchise the perfect oven cleaning franchise package?

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Well lets see:

First the training.

Training takes place with us here in our office in Bristol. Our training is for two weeks, ten working days. You can stay locally in a very good Days Inn.

Over the years I have trained all of the operatives that have worked for us and all of the franchisees and have realised that the training needs to be practical to ensure your success when you finish. With that in mind 7 days of the training is practical based with us showing you how to do it and then getting you to do it too. We ensure as part of that training that you can clean all the types of ovens, hobs, extractors, microwaves, range cookers and AGA cookers, with special care taken to ensure you are up to speed on the AGA cooker as OvenGleamers are renown AGA cleaning specialists.

The first day is going through safety procedures, looking at a vast and varied range of different cookers in a warehouse full of cookers, to going through the cleaning basics and cooker dismantling processes in our specialist training suite.

Then for days two to seven your are out on the road with us cleaning real world dirty cookers. Our aim is to get you to do all of the work with us giving you expert demonstration, guidance and support. You get to learn our FAST, SAFE, THOROUGH process and get used to using the Mercedes van and our newest dip tank.

At the end of this training we ‘sign you off’ by giving you a complete job to do yourself so we can ensure you can do the work on your own confidently and to our standards.

For days eight to ten you are in the office where Catherine Rogers will take you through all aspects of running your business, from accounting to sales and marketing.

We also film videos for marketing purposes in our film studio which we have in our office – don’t worry we use a video prompter and take you through everything.

Here I am talking about our training suite. The video isn’t good as I filmed it the wrong way around, the sound isn’t in sink and I didn’t script it. But I think you’ll get the gist of it.

The Right Equipment.

Whilst you are training we get your van fitted out so that it is completely ready for you for you to drive off and start your business straight away.

That is fully sign written and fully equipped. The van and equipment consists of;

1. Mercedes Citan C90i Blue Efficiency with Drivers Pack. We have chosen this van to match our Premium Offering. It really is the best oven cleaning van you can get. Why is it the best? Well for you to operate efficiently and effectively as a professional oven cleaner you need to work Smart and Safe. Over the years I realised that having a van with five doors, that has two side doors and a tailgate is the best arrangement for a professional oven cleaning van. We have tried ones with barn doors and a single side doors but this configuration just adds time on to your day. With a side door on the drivers side it saves time putting your cleaning box back in the van when you finish the job. They are also safe, with a steel bulkhead as standard, and ESP (Electronic Stability Control), and also they are very good on fuel  (averaging 56 mpg) with their ECO stop start function. Also as part of the spec we have added wheel trims – I mention this because they are extremely difficult to get as a post purchase add on and they give the van that added touch.

We factory order these vans with this specification and keep them in stock ready for a franchisee to start, which means if you are looking to start quickly we can train you and start you within a few weeks of your decision to start.

Here I am talking you through the van and fit. Please note we have now upgraded our tank design and it is now more efficient in heat retention (we have added an insulated top to make the tank totally insulated) and now has a hinged lid making it easier to use as you don’t have to lift the old heavy lid up.


2. Van Fully Fitted Out and Equipped. We put a partition in the Mercedes van just behind the side opening and then we line the back compartment with Speedliner® making it 100% watertight. In the centre compartment we provide you with a step ladder – you need one to get up high to clean some extractors, a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher.

In the rear lined part we put our specialist oven cleaning dip tank, and rinsing system. The electric supply to the tank is professionally installed with the inlet socket fitted to the number plate on the tailgate. We put in a LED light in the rear compartment and the centre compartment so you have light in your van when it is dark useful for the Winter months.

3. Our Unique Oven Cleaning Dip Tank. In oven cleaning you need some way of cleaning really dirty and difficult to clean oven racks and bits. To do this an oven cleaning business will usually have an oven cleaning dip tank which will clean these bits. There are two types of dip tank: a stainless steel dip tank that is heated by a Calor type gas burner, and an electrically heated dip plastic tank.

For the gas system most of our competitors use, at every job they take fresh water from the householder and then put it into their dip tank and then heat up the solution until it boils. After finishing with it they throw the solution away. Other gas systems are used in the road way or left lit unattended in the back of vans.

For a moment imagine setting up a gas barbeque in your local high street or leaving a gas barbeque lit in a van at the road side  outside your own house. So that’s with the Calor gas bottle next to a burner unit which is lit.  You will now start to realise how you feel about the safety of such an arrangement. In all using a gas system has the potential to be VERY unsafe (If you do a Google Search for ‘camping stove explosions‘ you will see the extent of the issue, with very serious accidents and deaths caused by explosions. Also See this article click here). Also because work is required at every job in the day to prepare and operate the tank the amount of work in the business is substantially increased, making a very LONG day.

Also companies using these haven’t changed the design in years, some have the same design that was developed over ten years ago.

We use an electrically heated plastic dip tank and it is unique to us as its my design, has a unique locking and hinged lid and as we fully insulate our tank it means it only needs to be heated up for an hour in the morning and then stays hot all day. Having our tank means that you will save time during your working day. No trailing cables, or having to plug in at each job, no having to light burners, or handle boiling hot trays of water. Our system is simple straight forward and safe.

You don’t have to phaff around at each job heating it up, or spending time keeping an eye on it for safety reasons. You can do the job quickly and SAFELY and this will save you time in the day allowing you to do more jobs in the day or finish earlier and do something else.

The Right Products.

We are fully transparent, unlike our competitors with the contents and make up of our products and we have tested and found the best ones for our cleaning process. We use products that haven’t been tested on animals, and also  are Eco friendly safe for pets and people. We allow you to source them locally. We give you enough for your jobs for the first three months.

Your Business Marketing Online Set Up.

We set your business up on line:

1.Your own page on our OvenGleamers Website.

2. Your own local website.

3. Your own Facebook Business Page.

4. Your own Google Business Page and listing.

5. A set of Promotional Videos for your business. We script, film and edit the videos and then optimise them to rank on YouTube so they are at the top of the rankings. So for example Oven Cleaning Exeter. We also optimise them to rank in Google listings in your local area too.

6. We set up Google Adwords Campaigns for you. We set these up and optimise them to promote your business locally on Google.

Our Income Guarantee To You

Our guarantee to you is that your income will be six thousand pounds in your first three months of operation.



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