Oven Cleaning Franchise Training

Well a few weeks back I was thinking I haven’t been out cleaning for a while and then suddenly within a few days we get a crisis in our team. One of the men we employ injures himself in his garden, banging his knee and is off work and then another goes on a planned holiday. We need someone desperately to go out and do the jobs for people already booked in.

So I say okay, but I’ll do AGAs only! And so a very nice two weeks is spent cleaning AGAs. Then after that I’m back in the office. And then a couple of weeks after that I’m out training our franchisee – Neil of OvenGleamers Nottingham. We get the worlds dirtiest AGA which takes both of us working together 4 hours! Then a few weeks after that I’m out training our new franchisee for OvenGleamers Berkshire. We seem to get an unusually large amount of really dirty ovens, especially the large range cookers we clean. Phew! Lots of cleaning all compacted into a relatively short period.

Now after that I need a break, which luckily we had already arranged. So after  a short break in France for half term I’m back in the office catching up on things.

Looking at the calendar it’s going to fly by. It’s already November. Which seems crazy, where did the year go? The next month will fly by and then I’ll be out cleaning again if we are full. Which looking at the way the schedule is going we are going to be.


Graham Rogers

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