Why Oven Cleaning For You?

Why Oven Cleaning For You?

Well are you unemployed, redundant, or someone who just wants to do something different? For example you might be spending all of your time working long hours and you are completely missing out on your young family growing up.

Or you might be someone who just needs something to do, rather than sitting at home, spending all of your time on the internet or visiting your local Costa coffee shop!

Well that was me too back in 2003. I had gone from earning over £120K a year to being unemployed and spending all my time on the computer and going to coffee shops trying my best to get a new contract job for nearly the whole of  2002; then  to buying a franchise cleaning agency in December of 2002 to getting bored with that a year later looking for something ‘proper’ to do.

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So in late December 2003 I was looking for something to get my teeth into. Something in which I knew I had spent a day doing something, where I had done a bit of graft,  helped people (I sound like my father here), found enjoyable and I had got great satisfaction out of. And was stress free and easy to manage.

An Oven cleaning business  is all that and more.

It’s easy to start, easy to manage, is fun and really satisfying. I have said at times ‘it is the best job I’ve had ever’, and I still think it is that. You need a van and operation of doing the job quickly and then all you have to do is: to go to the customers house, do the clean and then drive off (the difficult bit is the marketing which we help you with). It does require a bit of hard physical work though.

When I started I made lots of mistakes especially in marketing, wasting lots of money, and I worked hard to get a successful system of operation in place. And now we have got all that in place we can clean ovens FAST, SAFE and THROUGHLY with the OvenGleamers system.

There are some key points you need to know about oven cleaning and that is to do with speed of operation which normally depends on the oven cleaning dip tank used (you need to heat up a solution to dip the bits of the oven to save you time and effort).

There is no regulation in the industry and the use of gas heated dip tanks, where a solution is heated up in the back of a van with a live flame from a gas system, is common. Our franchise competitors use this system. The problem with this is that it un-safe for both you and anyone close by and becomes an even bigger safety hazard when you become tired by the day’s cleaning. Also because the solution is heated up at each job, it makes the whole process a long one, meaning a very long working day for you, starting early and getting home late.

We use the fastest, and safest system, because we use our own unique electrically heated, fully insulated, dip tank system that needs heating up once in the morning for an hour at home and that’s it. No phaffing around during the day with the tank, or gas burners, no running of leads. It means you can either finish earlier or get more cleans into the day and go home earlier.

There is a potential  to earn up to about £1500 a week and all you have to do to grow your business is be nice to your customers and make sure you follow up on them. New to 2015 we have introduced our new software system called Grace which does all the follow up you need; it’s all automated and starts when the customer is booked in for an appointment.

Our average customer spend is £100 so if you do 2 jobs a day, 5 days a week,  for 48 weeks a year you will be turning over £48,000 a year. We want you do much more than that. For example our own employees clean on average 3 ovens a day and average £1500 a week per van. Our best performing franchise is doing 4 to 5 jobs a day, 6 days a week and is booked up five weeks in advance. He is turning over £55K.

We had people of various backgrounds join us, one of our franchisees was working 7 days a week all hours before he joined us. He went from working 7 days a week 7 in the morning to 7 at night as a promotion manager to being an OvenGleamers Franchisee. He now drops his children off at school and then goes out oven cleaning, and then picks them up later on in the day. Do you think he is having a better time with his family now? – You bet he is!

We have had a few franchisees who have had redundancy and we have been able to train them and get their business set up and cleaning their first ovens within a month (we keep vans in stock ready to go). So they have left their job and started their business very quickly meaning they haven’t lost money or had to live on their redundancy money whilst trying to get a new job.

We have franchisees who were in businesses that weren’t working for them, from selling tools, to selling furniture, to laying floors, who have said goodbye to that and become an OvenGleamer.

And as I mentioned before people who have been unable to get work for whatever reason and who want ‘something to do’.

So to sum up it’s a easy business to get into but you need to be trained properly have the right equipment, work the right systems, and get the right start and get all the correct marketing in place.

With OvenGleamers we have got all this right.

Graham Rogers

Franchisor OvenGleamers

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